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Annual Reports   التقاريرالسنوية

CAS-Annual Report-2019

CAS-Annual Report-2018

CAS-Annual Report-2017

CAS-Annual Report-2016

CAS-Annual Report-2015

CAS-Annual Report-2014

CAS-Annual Report-2013

Financial Statements  البيانات المالية

CAS-Financial Statement 30-06-2015

CAS-Financial Statement 30-06-2014

CAS-Financial Statement 30-06-2013

Submissions   التقديمات

CAS-Submission-Australia’s Humanitarian Programme 2019-20

CAS-Submission-Australia’s Humanitarian Programme 2017-18

CAS-Submission-Australia’s Humanitarian Programme 2016-17

CAS–Submission-2016 UNHCR-NGO Consultations

CAS–Submission-2015 UNHCR-NGO Consultations

CAS-Submission-Australia’s Humanitarian Programme 2015-16 and Beyond

CAS-Paper presented to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection – 23rd October 2014

CAS-Letter to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection – 18th August 2014

CAS-Letter to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection – 28th July 2014

CAS-Submission-Australia’s 2014-15 Humanitarian Programme

CAS-Paper Presented to the Refugee Council of Australia-2014

Babel Magazine   مجلة بابل

Chaldean Australian Society issues Babel Magazine which is a social and cultural magazine and concerned with news of the Chaldean community in Australia and its activities and functions.
CAS-Babel Magazine

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CAS-Application for Membership

CAS-Application for Management Committee Membership